The Folio Box isn’t just a box for you to store you professional prints. They are luxury products, handcrafted in Italy that are designed to hold all the matted prints from your Portrait session (whether landscape or vertical).

The best part about them is that they are not designed to be tucked away in a wardrobe or under you bed and brought out on rare occasions. They are designed to be enjoyed every day. They look beautiful as a display on a coffee table, a desk, or a display cabinet. The reason why I love this product is because you can use the matted prints in so many ways:

- you could display them on a little easel

- frame them and put them on the wall

- gift them to family

- switch out the prints for a different look from time to time

- simply keep them in the beautiful box


 I especially love the fact that you can easily swop out the images in the display box and enjoy all your prints on a rotating basis.

The Folio Box itself comes in white leatherette or leather (depending on your preference) and is handmade in Greece from the finest materials. 


Images printed on fine art paper from a professional labs so they provide archival quality. What this means is that they are made to last over 100 years and are something that can be passed down to your great grandchildren.



Folio boxes are the perfect way to enjoy each of your favourite prints in a larger format, while also being easy to store away.

These beautiful handmade boxes are available in 24x18cm or 30x40,5cm size and hold up to 20 matted prints.