When is the best time for a maternity session?


Maternity Photography is best done between your 7th and 8th month if pregnancy ( 28-34 weeks). If you are carrying multiples, close to 6-7  months. Although this may feel a bit late to you, we want to have that perfect bump showing for your session!


Im not sure I want to do a maternity session and worried I don't know how to pose, Im not sure I feel up to it?

I totally understand, and we've all been there in our pregnancies. I hear from plenty of clients who wish they would have documented their pregnancy after the baby was born, so they had heirloom imagery to pass down to their children. During our session I will pose you every single step of the way. Ill tell you when to smile, where to look, adjust your hair placement, you will never not know what to do or how to achieve the look in my images- that's what Im there for! 



What do I wear to a maternity session?

I offer wardrobe for my maternity clients, although some clients choose to wear the own wardrobe as well. Wardrobe is key in a photo session, and it should be valued important to make the best of your investment. That is why either way you decide, we will work closely together in helping you feel confident and prepared picking out the best outfit.I love dresses in maternity sessions, and recommend all my clients to wear them. In your maternity session you will get two looks to photograph in. Prior to your session, my complete wardrobe guide will be sent to help you get an idea of what items you would like to wear the day of your session.



Can my husband and other children join me for the maternity session?

Of course! Husbands are always welcome, and children are encouraged to participate in your maternity session as well. Not only is this a special time in your life, but theirs as well.



Where do maternity sessions take place?

Maternity photography sessions take place in either the natural light studio or on location within Amsterdam. For a more lifestyle, cozy, intimate feel, I recommend the studio. For a more candid and scenic feel, I recommend on locations sessions. If you are un-sure where you want to do your session, we can discuss to see what will work best for you. 



How many pictures should I expect to proof from the session?

With a maternity photography sessions, you should expect anywhere from 40-60 images. 




When will we get to see our pictures from a session?

Your images from your session will be presented in a private online gallery 2-3 days  after your session date. Your gallery will be in a password protected gallery for you to view and share with who every you like!

Then you will choose the best 10 pictures to edit. As you can see from the pictures on my website, the quality of them is high. So the same result you should expect from the session.